пятница, 22 января 2016 г.

Южная Корея стала лидером по количеству музеев - South Korea tops global list for private art museums

Южная Корея вышла на первое место в рейтинге стран, в которых больше всего частных художественных музеев. Таких музеев в республике Корея 45. Из них 13 находится в столице – Сеуле. 

South Korea has the highest number of private art museums in the world, according to a new report. The country has 45 such institutions, with no fewer than 13 in Seoul, making the South Korean capital the world's top private museum city.

The Private Art Museum Report, an international research project initiated by the art collector database Larry's List and Art Market Monitor of Artron, is one of the first systematic efforts to understand the rapid rise of private museums over the past decade. The survey authors collaborated with 166 private museums from more than 40 countries.

The report found that there are 317 “privately funded contemporary art museums” around the world. A fifth of them opened just in the past five years. An astonishing 70% of the 317 museums were founded after 2000. On average, a private museum will have opened in 2003.

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